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Elite Organized Assault Clan

Learn to be the absolute best on Planetside 2

Powerful Communication

Get training tricks and skills

Fun entertaining game play

Memebers who laugh while they play

Advancement Opportunities

Simple instructions to rank up

Elite Status

Work together and be the best

Our Motto

Winning is about knowing more then our opponents. We will dominate them with shock and awe because we know our enemy, and can out-strike them, out-wit them, and out-maneuver them. They will not see us coming and they will not survive to see us leave.

Learn your tools

You will learn to use your tools. Every weapon, vehicle, and add on make your soldier more elite. We will teach you how to make the best use of them.

C4 Is your friend

learn to win battles with C4. Kill tanks, Destroy Sundies, Descimate Maxs

Invisible Flash

Learn to use your cloaked flash to change battles and destroy enemy armor

Team Blitz

Work together to take out whole platoons with just a small group of allies

Live Streams

Be elite in live streams that gamers want to watch


When [EOAC] attacks magic happens!

Become part of the outfit that leads the Planetside 2 community.

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Use your Certs right

Use your Certs and Game Points right the first time. Learn what to buy and when to buy it so you can maximize their effectiveness. Avoid risky purchases that ruin your game

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Use our database of knowledge

Use our database to manage your game play, associate better with team mates, and track your own progress so you can be a more effective player.

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Be Protected

Join fellow team mates that will have your back no matter what. Join with us and know that the whole team will rush to your aid and stand by your side. Join in the decision making with votes.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

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Latest News


Learn how to keep that plane alive!

Learn how to fly productively and make a plane turn into huge XP.


What to do when a base is empty

Learn how to take a base with just a few allies


Using your ground vehicles primer

Learn to use your ground vehicles for more then just a joy ride. Learn what to buy, what to equip, and then how to use those tools.